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Autumn Every Day

by Jamie Paige

A Repetition 03:19
(it's the same thing over again) and you’re walking ‘round the corner again it’s the same thing over again but you’ve never seen that face before i swear on my life it’s someone new i’m sure there’s been nothing but the same for years but you have noticed something new right here but you’re walking back home again it’s the same thing over again but suddenly their face is right there by the side of the road oh you’re losing your mind they’re beautiful how could someone like that end up out here where there’s nothing but the same for years oh but i am lonely in need of a friend i may never see a face like theirs again i will break routine and face my fears or maybe i’ll just stay right here and you’re walking ‘round the corner again it’s the same thing over again until i start to realize someone’s waiting down the street it’s the one i met, made me skip a beat oh they turned to me and said hello (that’s not how i expected this one to go) but you’re walking back home again it’s the same thing over again but every day’s a little bit different when you’re looking for home oh you’ve lost your way you’ve begun to roam but a journey is better when it’s done with two and i am honored to be lost with you
To Atlantis 04:19
woke up at the crack of dawn and set my sights on you no matter where this journey takes me i pray the winds will keep me true and i dont know where to go whether sun or rain or snow but i know i’ll always keep your memory by my side sailed out off into the coast to acheive my wildest dreams but without having you to guide me i wonder what it really means but i wont fret for too long because ive always got your song and i know as long as i can hear your voice again i’ll be fine we can make it to atlantis if we try fly across the sea sail through the sky we can make it to the city down below we can go where only you and me know I never thought that anything I’d ever say or do would even have the chance to travel and find a way to get to you but even if i can still find you im at a loss for what to say i feel my heart is slowly sinking as i watch you drift away oh god please save me from the mess that i’ve become i try my hardest not to break down but in the end my fear has won this is no way to sail the seas, this aint a way that i can be if ill ever have the hope to see your face again i swear ill see your face again before the end oh and these old seafarer’s legs are giving out under the weight of everything that i have ever felt for you and i swear on neptune’s sea ill find a way from you to me
oh my god i am losing my mind if i could only take a moment then i’d maybe be fine but I can’t catch a break when your thought is inside every moment every feeling that is filling my time if i tried to get away i’d be missing your thought and every feeling every moment that your memory brought so instead i’ll kill time by replaying your voice and i will sit back and be helpess b/c i dont have a choice i am hopeless here my eyes the color of a rose too far gone to care falling down right now (wish i could turn back time) (a couple years or so) (i’d make myself less blue) (and i could let you go) oh my god can you cut me a break like just the thought of being with you leaves me lying awake and insomnia’s a bitch when you’re falling in love but maybe im a drama queen because i think it’s enough i swear to god i am doing all i can to try and function like a normal human being once again but i think you ruined me with the light inside your eyes your delicate smile oh you’ve got me hypnotized (no lie) i kinda wish i had excuses here to say but they all ditched me in this island and they're drifting far away my eyes are getting heavy and my consciousness is thin but because i'm fucking stubborn that by head's not giving in (whats the point?) i don't even even care anymore (what's the point?) oh man, i wish i had the answer long ago (what's the point?) maybe i just like holding on to something that i have had a chance if i was brighter than before
i saw a comment here the other day ive thought a lot about the things that people say you said you like the composition but the vocals arent great “turn the autotune off like jeez you can’t do 808s again” but i guess that you know better than i do maybe im not great at writing my own tunes so i lay here in defeat all black and blue never noticed that there’s too much autotune and im sorry my stuff is too boring there’s not enough melody, godawful writing oh and im weary to sing my words freely theres far too much autotune god im so sorry and im a sucker for when my synths flutter i use the same turnaround in all my choruses god you’re so tired and yet i keep lying i use too much autotune and im not sorry i read an argument the other day they say that pop musicians cheat to sound okay & blame the downfall of humanity on Cher and Antares “it’s dishonest and fake, so maybe learn to fucking sing” but i guess that you know better than i do maybe you could go and write some better tunes *me laughing like an idiot asshole instead of actually singing the lyrics i wrote* kinda noticed that i use too much autotune and im sorry my music aint trendy i guess i lost track of a genre or fifty and oh these synths are boring your melodies iffy i use too much autotune god im so sorry and im a sucker for when my fans suffer so i will write lyrics about how i hate them it’s sad if not inspiring how hard that she’s trying I use too much autotune and I’m not sorry but I guess that i will never be that cool so i’ll sing and dance and paint myself the fool and i’ll be fake so I can be more true and i’ll keep on using too much autotune but i guess that all is fair in war and peace and i dont really care if you might disagree so i’ll do me and ill let you do you and ill keep on using too much autotune
Special Days 03:48
it’s a special day today i’m setting time aside to pray that maybe things might change a bit this year but i’m a fool for having dreams or at least that’s what it seems since i’m on the outside looking in at you i wonder why i never got that lovin’ for myself is it because i made you mad or brought you down? i don’t know why i’ve never had that lovin’ for myself i’m just a mess sometimes i’m sorry if i’ve ever let you down oh i can see why i may feel so lonely i’m trying to make due without you spending special days alone wishing you were here we’re all just spending special days alone and i am praying for the day when i can look to you and say my love i am so glad to be with you it’s another special day and yet again alone i stay it seems my luck is always running out but maybe i deserve this mess god knows i am not the best yeah i’m slowly losing my own peace of mind i wonder why i never got that lovin’ for myself is it because i’m always insecure and sad? i don’t know why i’ve never had that lovin’ for myself i’m just a lonely little mess and maybe i just bring you down it can’t be true that i’m not good enough for you i think i’m way too hard on myself spending special days alone wishing you were here we’re all just spending special days alone and i am praying for the day when i can confidently say i’m deeply endless in love with you and i have fallen to my knees to beg myself to air my pleas i won’t let loneliness destroy me! i’m a mess my seams are bursting i confess but maybe i could spend the day with you? spending special days alone wishing you were here we’re all just spending special days alone but now it all seems clear i’ll never spend another day alone and i am praying for the day that i don’t have to hide away and i can live my life next to you and i am praying for the day when i can look to you and say my love i am so glad to be with you
Amélie 01:35
two windmills in the distance i stop to find my thoughts i wish that you could see this but i guess you’d rather not i stare in naive wonder my mind drifts back to you i hope that you might miss me i wish that you would miss me fall in love again with me, amelie so many answers babe i think that you’re the key fall in love again with me, amelie you miss that new relationships but maybe fall in love again with me i cook an egg with a spoon (thanks)
staring down the edge of a cliff wondering what things we have in store this aint the first time you’ve been lost in this place breaking down my oceanic door the wind picks up as you’re starting to leave i know what’s on your mind as you wake up cause the figure in the distance sees the gleam in your eyes i guess that you’ve just ran right out of luck because i don’t think we’re going to last this love is built on sand and glass you’re broken and unusual i’m nothing but a dream but love’s about what we may doubt impossibilities so you’ll love me near and dearly and I’ll be your secret girlfriend next time we meet its a school floating through the air from hall to hall i guess that you just like to torture yourself chasing down imaginary gals i can’t blame you for disdaining it all if i was real too i’d always sleep but i guess if you’re determined then you’re shit out of luck cause everyone wakes up eventually unless…? maybe you can be with me still but that would take impossible will if you’re asleep forever, your life will be a dream then maybe in eternal rest you’ll always be with me i guess this plan is falling apart i won’t exist if you stop your heart we should’ve thought this through but now it’s all fading away but if you die I’m by your side just listen to me say can you please keep a secret do you think you’ll keep this secret? will this always be a secret? we’re both nothing but a secret
"but sometimes it's too hard" she said to me today in such defeated ways, her glass is emptying "i am just a fool" so bitter, so unwound her silence made such sound as she unraveled here "that's why i'm giving up" but don't you give up yet your worries and regrets are still a part of you "there's not a thing that i can do" it's true maybe it's not black and white cause you've got grey inside so bad and good will stay forever in a balance game but this will pass the good will come the bad will never last so let your tears flow out so you can fill your glass and it will leave so take your heart and wear it on your sleeve there’s nothing there to lose so calm yourself and breathe “i guess that’s just that” we sat there in a daze as hours became days we almost lost ourselves “what’s the fucking point” these things are hard to know when you can never show and it’s inside of you “and that’s why I’m giving up” half empty or half full there isn’t any rule it’s more like half and half “oh will my story ever last” so when you’re feeling down you’ll surely soon rebound and everything is in its place so things will be okay
i stand before the castle doors on a quest to save my love now im not that great, but still we wait for a message from above and i consider why im here and everything ive ever feared but i will risk it all to heed the call and save who i hold near as time ticks on i sing my song praying ill hold you again as the trumpets blare i stop and stare for the king will now begin my blade is soaring high, as his decree says it is I I am the one to save my love beloved princess i shall come your honor your majesty wont you please be with me i swear on my life ill make it worth the while (never anything less than free) oh your honor your majesty consider what i plea i swear on my dignity my pride my joy (i’ll be the best me i can be) I kneel before my grace my liege i swear my blade to thee though im on my own again for now i’ll serve my kindgom faithfully and if i never come home again just know ill be dying for your privilege ill keep your family name alive i will serve my queen with pride *dumb melody from to atlantis* as the seasons change with time i begin to miss the home i left to protect our brightest light but i can never let fear set in i will make our kingdom win and anybody with an outlook darker than the black of the night ill be with you to help you make it right now im not the kind to mope and whine when i have a job to do but i miss your face your warm embrace i am aimless without you but i know work is what i need to save my princess, bride-to-be ill always fight to do whats right i will serve you be your knight
there’s not a care in the world when i am here a precious secret only for your ears you’ll know it when you begin to see the leaves and grass are losing all their green (and then you’ll hear it) roaring silence as the song begins blazing starlight when the drums come in here it’s autumn every day there’s not a thing that can get to us in here oasis as the equinox draws near (and then you’ll hear it) luminescence is surrounding me light the world and let your worries free sometimes im still afraid of you (im losing you) as leaves touch ground my heart is turning blue (my heart turns blue) september comes im all alone (it’s all my own) but maybe theres my winter still unknown (the great unknown) i guess that we’ll just have to see
i fell apart in february you broke my heart once back in june i thought i’d die then in september but you know i would die for you and i guess that there’s a reason that you’d stick around so long i don’t think it’s a coincidence i’ve wrote so many songs and even if i’m kinda foolish or a bit too insecure i know i’ll always be your special baby girl hold me tightly, love i’ll keep you safe right here kiss me gently, love you’ll never have to fear i was so lost back in december but january gave me you and then in april we’re together i can’t believe it all came true i was praying for forever that i’d never be alone count my blessings on the daily ‘cause i let my fears be known now i’m falling down forever deep in love i will remain and my life will never ever be the same (i won’t complain) and now it’s almost january i’m thinking back upon the year i think that i have found my purpose i finally feel like i am here and your help and your support are why i’m standing here today so if it means i’ll make you happy i will sing my heart away god i love you i adore you you’re the light inside my life and i hope someday that i’ll make you my- (no like, li- i'll, like write you a song or something)


"September comes, I'm all alone..."


released September 22, 2017

All music by Jamie Paige Stanley, except where noted; see track notes for more info
Mastered by Marcy Nabors (twitter.com/Shadolith)
Album art by Valerie Halla (goodbyetohalos.com)
Featuring collaborations with:
ODDEEO (soundcloud.com/oddeeoofficial)
Natbird (natbird.carrd.co)
Marcy Nabors

Vocaloid voices on tracks 3 & 4 provided by GUMI English

Special thanks to all the lovely people who helped make this album happen, and who gave me the courage to make something as big as this:
Marcy, Valerie, Oscar, Nat, Samm, Mariana, V5, Bluffy, Nami, Zuzu, Bug, Addie, Ace, Marlow, Brooke, Viv, Melody, Rachel, RJ, Jijo, Mikki, GHOST DATA, Cochet, Sadie, Arna, Madi, Elijah, Fionna, every single person I hung with on my 2016 road trip, and Honor. Especially Honor. <3




Jamie Paige Houston, Texas

saw wave elemental talking in pictures

aka JamieP

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