Hold Me Tightly

by Jamie Paige

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It's a love song!! Somehow I haven't done enough of those?

Art by Jun (twitter.com/pipiskulle)


I fell apart in February
You broke my heart once back in June
I thought I’d die then in September
But you know I would die for you

And I guess that there’s a reason that you’d stick around so long
I don’t think it’s a coincidence I’ve wrote so many songs
And even if I’m kinda foolish or a bit too insecure
I know I’ll always be your special baby girl

Hold me tightly, love
I’ll keep you safe right here
Kiss me gently, love
You’ll never have to fear

I was so lost back in December
But January gave me you
And then in April we’re together
I can’t believe it all came true

I was praying for forever that I’d never be alone
Count my blessings on the daily ‘cause I let my fears be known
Now I’m falling down forever deep in love I will remain
And my life will never ever be the same (I won’t complain)

And now it’s almost January
I’m thinking back upon the year
I think that I have found my purpose
I finally feel like I am here

And your help and your support are why I’m standing here today
So if it means I’ll make you happy I will sing my heart away
God I love you I adore you you’re the light inside my life
And I hope someday that I’ll make you my-

(no like, li- i'll, like write you a song or something)


released December 9, 2016
Written, recorded, and performed by Jamie Paige
for Honor <3




Jamie Paige Houston, Texas

Stalwart pop girl with many saw waves

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